The company was founded in 1979 as Danny Montano & Company, a sole proprietorship, later expanding to partnership with Leslie Ramcharitar and becoming known as Baker Tilly Montano Ramcharitar. A friendly environment

Today the firm proudly represents the Baker Tilly International network of independent accounting firms, one of the top 15 full-service accounting networks worldwide. 

Our membership in Baker Tilly International as a full member firm is intended to assure our clients and users of their financial statements of the assurance of quality. 

However we feel it is important to add our local warmth and expertise, to serve our clients with the care and attention we believe is required of the typically smaller business environments in the Caribbean.

You will always receive a warm greeting and friendly attention at Baker Tilly Montano Ramcharitar. We take great pride in the many longstanding relationships we have built with our clients and colleagues. We look forward to counting you among them!

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