Our firm was founded in 1979 by our Partner Emeritus Danny Montano, it was then known as Danny Montano and Company. The name of the firm was changed in 1999 to Montano Ramcharitar when Leslie Ramcharitar was admitted as a partner. Our firm formally adopted the Baker Tilly name in 2011. Our membership in Baker Tilly represents our commitment to professional standards and also our understanding of the needs of our clients.

Baker Tilly Trinidad and Tobago is an independent member of Baker Tilly International. Baker Tilly International is one of the world’s leading networks, uniting independent companies to provide top-quality professional services in both international and regional markets. Baker Tilly International supports network members through training, conferences and training projects that help each firm deliver services using international resources and expertise.

Baker Tilly is a full-service accounting and advisory firm that offers industry specialised services in assurance, tax and advisory.

Our firm is a leading mid-tier firm in Trinidad and Tobago providing top level professional standards and services. We have a broad range of clients from multinational subsidiaries, public enterprises and large private sector companies to the small owner-managed firms. Our clientele includes, but is not limited to companies involved in manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, retail, hospitality, financial and insurance services, not-for-profit and professional services. 

Notwithstanding this diverse clientele it has always been our policy to maintain a close and direct personal relationship in attending to the needs of each and every client, we help our clients plan for the future.

At Baker Tilly, we are ready now, for tomorrow’s challenges. We believe in the power of great relationships. We lead and listen for great conversations. We channel change into progress for great futures.


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